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Welcome Message of the Mayor

Welcome to the website of the Municipality of Bacolor, dubbed as the Athens of Pampanga for being the proud home of poets, artists and the learned. Our beloved town is rich in culture, arts and heritage. It also served as the seat of the Spanish colonial government from the years 1762 to 1764, during the leadership of Governor Simon de Anda. Officially named “Villa de Bacolor”, it is one of the three villas (city) in the Philippines with a special coat of arms. Thus, Bacolor once became the Capital of the Philippines.


Historical records show that Bacolor has been in existence as a prosperous settlements as early as 1571. When the Spaniards under the leadership of Ferdinand Blumentrit arrived that found “Baculud”. Its original name meaning high level ground.

The first settlers of Bacolor were believed to be Malayans that came from Atjeth Sumatra led by Panday Pira. It is believed to have been founded by Monmon, first cousin and sister-in-law of Malangsic, a son of Prince Balagtas.


News & Events

  • Mayor Eduardo “Diman” G. Datu donated his Own Salary Amounting to P1 Million

    Our Birthday Celebrant Mayor Eduardo “Diman” G. Datu donated his own salary amounting to P1 Million.

    This is the 2nd time that he donated his salary and today on his very special day, he donated P 500,000.00 for

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  • Municipal SEF funded Risograph Machines for Printing Modules for the Students of Bacolor
    Thank you Mayor Eduardo Diman Datu

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  • Anti Flu Vaccination for Municipal Employees

    As protection against Covid-19, Mayor Eduardo”Diman” Datu orders anti flu vaccination for his municipal employees.

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  • Distribution of Livestock under African Swine Fever Rehabilitation Program

    Distribution of Livestock under African Swine Fever rehabilitation program of the Department of Agriculture RFO III in cooperation with the L.G.U. of Bacolor through the Leadership of Hon. Mayor Eduardo “Diman” G. Datu, GEO,

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